Saturday, April 27, 2013

Guest Writer's Day 3 Eagle Project

Ike, me, and Bill before the beginning of the volunteer work day.
On the morning of day 3, it was very cold, even snowing at times, and I was glad to have two coats on. Animals as Natural Therapy (ANT) had its volunteer work day and I led the group in the barn. Troop 3 had a camp out that weekend, which is why there was only one Troop 3 scout there. I had 10 volunteers who matched, polished and moved boots and cleaned horse brushing gear for 2.5 hours. Ike and Bill are the brothers who built the meeting room and tack room. They are retired dairy farmers and are dedicated volunteers at the farm.
A volunteer works on cleaning the contents of a tack box
Here I am showing Christian how to polish boots correctly.
 We had to polish all the boots, which took about 20 hours of work. Almost every person there commented on the shelves, saying how nice they looked. 
Mom paints fresh numbers on the back of the boots.
 My mom and another lady painted new numbers on the back of the boots. They got to talking about religion, and it turned out that the lady was the leader of a Mormon young adults' group, which had come out to ANT to volunteer that Saturday.

Christian and me in front of the partially filled boot shelves.

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