Saturday, March 2, 2013

Eagle Project Potential

Poised to launch an Eagle Project, Joseph visited a local 'non profit' recently and met with the volunteer coordinator.  At the start of their meeting, she said, "Your timing is divine!"  It's always nice to hear words like those at the beginning of a such a weighty undertaking.

Joseph's original connection with this local organization came as a result of a Boy Scout requirement for the Eagle required Citizenship in the Community merit badge.  He attended a six hour volunteer training course and worked a shift or two during an open house event.  A few other attempts were made to volunteer on a somewhat regular basis with the farm chores, but he never really fell into a routine. 
In an effort to be of service to a non-profit and lead a project toward earning his Eagle Rank, Joseph inquired about any possible project needs on the rural site.  It just so happens that a renovation of the teaching area and tack storage room are not only needed but also funded (!).   This potential Eagle Project is similar in many ways to the pigeon loft Joseph helped build under Grandpa Cliff's direction last year.  And unlike Zachary's Eagle Project, it does not {reportedly} require any building permits.

Looming on the horizon are a series of hoops for Joseph to jump through both at the farm and with the district Scouting powers-that-be for the final approval granting prior to any hammer swinging.  But the initial investigative steps have been taken, and the foundations of his Eagle Project are starting to take form.


Crystal said...

I look forward to hearing all about it. :-)

BRIDGET said...

Thank you, Crystal!

Gerelyn said...

Your children continue to be so amazing!!! Wow, what inspirations they are to us "boomers"!! There is hope for our future with young people like the Adams!!!