Saturday, November 3, 2012

Election Results {Joseph Victorious}

In a very close race for senior patrol leader, Joseph emerged victorious after the Boy Scout troop's election last week. Joseph will serve as the assistant senior patrol leader for the next six months, and begin his term as SPL in May 2013. 

Running against three other Scouts (worthy opponents all), and on his third attempt at being elected to this top position in the troop, Joseph carefully wrote and rehearsed his election speech and made sure all his merit badges were sewn onto this sash.   The question and answer session following the speeches gave Joseph an opportunity to practice impromptu speaking and crowd pleasing.

A series of junior leader trainings, or JLT (with sessions led and taught by the Scouts) and a planning meeting will kick off the new leadership terms this week, and a new round of boy leadership will begin again.  I must admit, I am pleased with the election results.  Hopefully this is a sign of good things and sound leadership to come...

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Contemplative in Action said...

God's Big World and God's Little World!

Hello my name is Jim Martorana. My wife Mary and I are the coordinators of the Spiritual Exercises at St. Peter Chanel in Hawaiian Gardens, Ca. under the direction of Father Ed Broom, OMV. I also manage father's Blogs and Podcasts.

Yesterday (Saturday) I noticed that you were a follower of his English Blog and I followed the link to your Blog and enjoyed reading about your family. It was consoling to know that his Blog reaches people far away in ways we don't understand.

This morning, I saw Father Broom for a minute to switch recorders.
He immediately told me he had received a wonderfully consoling letter from a home schooling Mom in Washington... I said "no kidding, was her name Bridget?". He said "how did you know that?" ha ha small world.

Thank you for your sharing pf your family in your blog and for writing a letter to Father Broom. Like all of us, he needs all the encouragement he can get.

Mary and I will pray for your family and in particular for Owen and Apollo.