Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Another Day {To Pray}

Owen wears a cap to cover some 34 probes attached to his head to read his brain waves during a seizure study at hospital.
Owen's brain scans revealed a disturbing pattern of near-constant seizures at night and several episodes during daytime.  While these revelations give light to the hidden mysteries of Owen's brain, they bring grief to his parents' hearts, as preventative treatment for this wide range of seizures does not exist.  

Baby sister Brenna keeps Owen company during another long stay at hospital.

Apollo's recovery from his second heart surgery is ongoing and painful.  Today his mom wrote from Houston:
Three hours of sleep last night for me and Apollo due to more vomiting. I am *beyond* tired and he is hysterical. Not an auspicious start to day 9 in the hospital :(
 A detailed description of the trials facing Apollo today are here

Please continue to hold Owen and Apollo and their families in your prayers. 


Anna Downen said...

Give Kara love from her old friend from the bench at Taekwondo. We just added another baby girl to our family-they seem to always stay one kid ahead of us:) The email I had for her doesn't work anymore. Ian and Shane still have fond memories of playing with the older boys at class:)

Kara said...

Anna, it's so nice to hear from you! Congratulations on the new baby.
It looks like we will be here until Saturday. Owen is so bored. Today we can't let him sleep to try to induce a big seizure.