Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Triple Hamocks, Thunder & Really Dirty Socks {Camping}

Chuck, Judah, Collin, Joseph and Zac

Moments after the boys' tents were pitched, they hatched a plan to hike up the closest mountain, which they have named after themselves to celebrate a previous (perilous) summit success.   It's directly across the road from the campsite we visit each year for our annual river rafting family camp with the troop.  Judah's dad, Chuck, agreed to hike with the group of four ambitious climbers, and asked us to start a search party if they weren't back in camp by 8PM.  They arrived well before the search party was dispatched, soaking wet and dirty from the scramble over mount A-Wad.

Enoch and Peter along the shores of Icicle Creek
Campfires and plenty of tarps made camping pleasant despite the near constant deluge drenching our three day stay.  That and the wonderful company camping in our group site of course, comprised of a fine collection of Scouts and family members from our troop ranging in age from two-ish up to... adult.  We missed having a few of our super-sized families along this year, but serious health concerns for medically fragile children and newborns can put a damper on travel plans.  Our anchor family missed this year's camp-out as well, due to a family gathering in another state.  Drastic!  We had to call them from town to make sure we knew the right time to assemble for the river ride on Sunday morning.  

Caleb, Isaac, and Zac in triple hammock formation

The river rafters had a blast, despite the dismal weather for the first half of the ride.  Due to high water levels, the rapids were especially exciting this year.  Zachary was one of the first to topple out of a boat, apparently much earlier than he would have preferred, due to his feet slipping in the raft.  Peter's favorite rapids included 'boulder bend' and 'drunkards' drop.'  Passing an abandoned raft, jammed into a bridge support (crash site from the previous day's ride), our riders came face to face with the real dangers and hazards possible while river rafting.  Good news that none of those Saturday rafters from the crash into the bridge were seriously injured.

Tim (orange hat) with Peter (khaki hat) and a group of Scouts and family members ride the Wenatchee River.
One of our top stops when staying in or near Leavenworth: Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Church
A Saturday evening Mass in Leavenworth enabled us to keep our Sunday obligation.  With great anticipation we journeyed into town for an annual Mass at Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Church. We met the new pastor, Father Alex Trejo, and learned that Bishop Tyson had consecrated OLS's new outdoor "Way of the Cross" and worship space only a few days earlier.  After Mass we accepted Father Trejo's invitation to walk the Stations of the Cross as a family, reflecting at each stop on the passion and death of our Lord and the suffering he endured for our salvation.  The project is immense and when complete will provide a wonderful haven for praise, worship, reflection and fellowship.

Joseph leads us on the Way of the Cross, under construction on the sprawling grounds at Our Lady of the Snows.

Sock soup
Laundry, laundry and more laundry have marked the days following our return from the adventures in Central Washington.   The endless loads of wash not only helping us recover from the weekend away, but also preparing us for the next job: packing for Boy Scout summer camp which begins next week.  Looks like the weather will cooperate for that adventure, at least in NW Washington terms.

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