Thursday, June 21, 2012

Graduated {Home School +}

With all the pomp and circumstance one could hope for, Zachary received his Associates in Arts and Science and his high school diploma.  Ending his twelve year journey in our Catholic home school, combined with his two years at the local community college in the running start program, Zachary was recognized with honors.  With a stellar academic record behind him and a challenging course of study at the University of Notre Dame ahead of him, Zachary's graduation gave us a great reason to celebrate.

Diploma (cover) in hand, Zachary holds back a giant smile, but lets a little one escape.

The fine bleacher seating for the commencement ceremony left comfort out of the question for the five of us with the coveted tickets for entry.  Meanwhile, Tim's mom (Grandma Billie) and my dad (Grandpa Pete) lounged in cushy theater chairs watching the event unfold on a big screen TV in the overflow seating area on campus.  We arrived early enough to claim top row seats in the bleachers, giving us the benefit of a back rest and fine viewpoint.  By God's grace, Zachary's seat, in the sea of caps and gowns, was nearly directly below us.  From such a close vantage point, we witnessed one of his instructors giving him an enthusiastic, loving greeting as Zachary took his seat after the procession. 

Zachary with Grandpa Pete
Grandpa Cliff and Grandma Billie share Zachary's joyful occasion.
Joseph, me, Zachary, Peter and Tim

The unforeseen highlight of Zachary's commencement event came at the cake and punch reception in the plaza following the formal ceremonies.  That same instructor we had witnessed giving Zac such a friendly greeting in the gym sought out my husband, Tim, to tell him in person what a fine young man and exceptional scholar he knew in Zachary.  Introducing himself as Zachary's logic instructor, he said,
"Zachary has one of the brightest minds I have ever come across.  I've been CEO of corporations and taught PhD level courses, and Zachary ... should be going directly to graduate school."

We give all the glory to God for the gifts He's given Zachary in mind, heart, soul and strength.  We are grateful for the gift of freedom and specifically for religious liberty~ making it possible for us to provide him with a Catholic education at home.

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Kim said...

Many many congratulations!! He is a fine young man and a gift from God! You must be so proud of him :)