Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Our Trip
to Tacoma and beyond!

First stop:
Archdiocesan High School Youth Convention in Bellevue, where we attended the vigil Mass celebrated by Bishop Elizondo with Zachary and our local youth group attendees. (no photos)
We joined them afterward at their hotel for a short visit before our drive south continued.

Next stop: Morning Mass at St. Charles (the parish of my youth, where I attended grade school)...worshiping with my little sister, Molly, and her family (Mike in white, Kati in red, Niko in blue) and with my life-long friend (and Zac and Joseph's godmother) Aileen and her family (Peter in purple, Ryan in blue).

Joseph and Peter then spent the afternoon with my brother's family (cousins MacKenzie, Brendan, and Jacob) while Tim and I attended our catechetical training year 3 class: Continuing the Faith Journey. Great class!

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