Saturday, November 14, 2009

Did you say
Peter: Mom, do you know the Teletubbies?
Me: Yes... (I'm wondering where this is going... as I am quite sure Peter has never seen or heard of Teletubbies.)
Peter: Did you know they are anti-Christian?
Me: Really? What makes you say that? When did you see Teletubbies?
Peter: My friend told me that they are very anti-Christian.
Me: That sounds odd. I'm not sure how they could be, they're pretty simple... (I'm making a note to ask his friend's mom to help me get to the bottom of this perplexing information.)
My friend sent a quick reply to my request for details on the reported bad habits of the seemingly harmless creatures:
I just got to the bottom of this. Coming home one night they were discussing how (some say), "I love Teletubbies!" And because our van is so large and has the diesel engine, I thought they were discussing the Taliban. This led to a discussion about who the Taliban are... my guess is that he mixed up the names and honestly thought that's what Teletubbies were (he's never seen the show). He is insisting that I must have misinformed him, but he'd rather be burned at the stake than to admit me made a mistake. My apologies for the miseducation of your son!!!
As far as the educational factor of this incident, this is the perfect example of the lessons learned in the "telephone" game (where one person whispers a sentence in the ear of another and by the time it goes around the room it is all distorted).
Instead of the telephone game, we could call this the Teletubbies game!

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