Friday, February 20, 2009

Peter and the doctor

Our boys haven't been to the doctor for a few years....

In fact, our doctor retired a few years ago, and we never bothered to choose a replacement from his practice. Until yesterday.

Peter took a bad fall mountain biking on Tuesday. Hit a rock, did a wild zig zag and flipped over his handle bars~ skidding for about 10 feet upon landing face first on the trail. YIKES! I got a cell call (the boys take a phone for just such occasions) asking me to drive up to the top of our street to meet Peter at the trail head. This is how I found him: covered in mud and a bit of blood and quite sore.

We brought him home and put him in a bath to soak off the dirt and clean the wounds. No permanent damage evident, and other than a sore neck, he was not showing signs of real injury.

On Wednesday, he opted out of fiddle lessons (unable to hold his head in the right playing position) and so while the brothers went to fiddle (thanks grandma & grandpa!) Peter and I went to visit our neighbors, who were hosting a gathering of moms & toddlers from our church.

In the excitement of toddler time, Peter jumped off a footstool and heard a crack upon landing on a turned ankle.

He limped home, and complained about the pain in his ankle. Next day (Thursday) it was pretty swollen, and he was having difficulty walking, at which point I called to make an appointment with A doctor. We were assigned the doctor with office visit openings, and had to select a primary care provider before we could proceed with the appointment. We chose him. We hadn't met him, but figured we could just change doctors again if need be.
Dr. W. was great with Peter. He came in and introduced himself and asked, "Is this the sore ankle.......... what's all this?" as he waved his hands indicating all the cuts and bruises on Peter's legs. Peter's choice attire for the doctor visit included a pair of shorts and a 3-day t-shirt (at t-shirt he'd been wearing for 3 days). I told him that people who only go to the doctor every 3 years have to wear clean clothes, but I didn't think to have him cover his legs...
Peter explained that he'd taken a big fall the day before on a mountain biking adventure.
Doctor: "Were you wearing a helmet?"
Peter: "Yes."
Doctor continued the exam, with the famous "Does this hurt?" game.
Thankfully he ruled out any broken bones and diagnosed a ligament tear (bad sprain).
Doctor: "Well, you won't need to have an x-ray taken.... unless maybe we should x-ray this, or maybe this or that" indicating the other war wounds visible on Peter's legs.
Doctor said it was nice to meet us, and that he quite expected to be seeing us again in the near future!
We'll see about that...

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