Monday, February 9, 2009

Party time
Getting all dressed up to celebrate our friend's 50th birthday on Saturday, we were able to see the boys one more time in their white tuxedos. We bought these for a formal wedding last May for our good friends in Seattle. It cost about half of what it would have cost to rent tuxedos!
As you can clearly see, they LOVE getting all dressed up! Actually, they rose to the occasion, and although they were not interested in ballroom dancing, they did take the camera for a spin on the dance floor.
Their cultural education was worth the trouble of walking in my 4" heels. Part of the entertainment was a professional dance routine by a local pair, who placed second at a recent competition. The boys have never seen anything like it, so their eyes were opened wide.
"Where was Zachary?" you ask?
He called a friend at midday and said something like,
"Dude, I'm going to have to put on a tuxedo and go to a party with my family if you don't invite me over to your house tonight." or something along those lines.
We missed having him along, but on the bright side, it reduced the "can we go yet?" by 1/3.

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