Friday, November 14, 2008

Zachary, 14

Slow & steady wins the race...

Some of us have the quick twitch response, and some of us are blessed with a more contemplative nature. Zachary is a thinker. For those of you who know him (probably all of you) this is not new news!

Yesterday when I accidentally left a burner on after removing a pot to the oven, and rather more accidentally placed a potholder on top of the flames of the still-lit burner ~ Zachary strolled up to me and casually asked, as the smoke started to rise from the now smoldering potholder, "Mom, what's the deal with that burner being left on?"

I quickly removed the potholder and turned off the burner, thanking Zachary for saving us from a sure kitchen fire.

Only later, as the boys were ratting me out to Tim, did it really occur to me that Zac's response had been so careful, so measured, so calm. At that point, it actually became kind of funny, in a "glad we're safe" sort of way. We asked him to jump into action on the next occasion of a potential house fire. He definitely has the "remain calm" thing down.

Somehow I just don't think he has it in him to burst into action (unless he's chasing his brothers out of his room after asking nicely so many times to be left in peace)!

One very important day Zachary did jump into action when he was 9 or 10 and Peter nearly drowned. He didn't stop to report the possible drowning, he just dove down and pulled Peter up and to the edge of the pool.

I had wandered away from the pool's edge to fetch my camera to take a picture of the boys swimming together!
Never did get to take that photo.... oh well.
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Davene said...

Oh, my! This made me smile! But then it made my heart grip with fear as I remembered our son Josiah's near-drowning this past summer. Whew! I'm so glad your Peter is OK...and way to go to Zachary for being the hero who saved his life!