Friday, November 7, 2008

Tower of TP

I sent Joseph to put away (store) a giant pack of toilet paper from Costco, just one of those ordinary household chores, right?

Our TP storage system under the counter in the bathroom involves building "towers" of TP, about 4 high, in neat little rows.
So we often call putting away TP "building towers." This time, Joseph decided to build A tower... and it reached all the way to the ceiling.

He was very proud of his TP tower, almost as proud as Peter was of knocking it down "accidentally" only seconds after this photo was taken.... which (as you can imagine) led to some yelling and some hurt feelings. We fight over toilet paper! We have reached a new level of sibling discord on this one!

So next time I ask one of the boys to "build towers" I guess I will need to be a bit more specific: "Build 10 towers, 4 rolls high, and stack them neatly under the counter."

This, perhaps, will help prevent sibling toilet paper rivalry. Perhaps.
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