Friday, September 7, 2012

1,000+ miles in 48 hours {Day 10-11: Wyoming to Oregon}

Snake River; Twin Falls, Idaho
Nine hours and over 500 miles behind us on day 10, our arrival into Twin Falls, Idaho, coincided with both the dinner hour and a great need for physical activity.  In order to accomplish both goals simultaneously, the boys headed directly for the swimming pool while Tim and I found the nearest Mexican restaurant and ordered take-out for a dine-in experience back at the hotel. 

Intrigued by the ads plastering the swing states for a new release "Obama's America 2016," and knowing that it would not be widely available on the big screens in our home town, we set out to find a showing in Twin Falls after our swim and dine break.  No easy feat to find the theater, but after a maze of unmarked construction detours through dimly lit residential streets we happened upon it at the moment we were about to turn back and declare the mission impossible.   This revealing documentary convinced me that I have not prayed nearly enough (either in frequency or fervency) for our president.

barefoot or bust!
Another nine hours on the highway, another 500+ mile day of driving brought us safely to Troutdale, Oregon, on day 11. The torrential winds along the shores of the Columbia River made driving a bit more challenging (for the nerves) but the recreational feats being carried out on the abundant whitecaps made for an entertaining stretch of road, rather a novelty on this two-week journey.  Our family dinner at the closest restaurant, the one adjoining the hotel property, wasn't nearly as delicious as holding hands and skipping back to the hotel with my husband and boys.  One final night in a hotel...

What if we....

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