Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ski 2 Sea {100th Anniversary}

Grand Parade

Ski 2 Sea Grand Parade entry #6:
Iwo Jima representation, featuring our Boy Scouts as volunteer WW2 soldiers.

Judah prepares to lead the charge.

Collin and Joseph hold the pose.

Joseph and Peter below Judah; all hands on the American Flag

The local Marine Auxiliary needed a few brave young men (with short hair) to play the parts of the six Iwo Jima soldiers from the iconic monument of the placing of the US Flag after a hard-won victory in WW2. Joseph volunteered his patrol; 3 phone calls and two hair cuts later; plus two eager younger brothers in the mix, the six Scouts were cast for their roles in the Ski 2 Sea Grand Parade.

Sixth in the parade, and front page news in the local newspaper, the boys thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to serve in uniform.   The kind Marine Veteran who trained and directed their reenactment also took the time to share the history of the Iwo Jima moment, and explain why the victory was so bittersweet.  THIS is how we like to study our homeschool history... in action!

Update on Apollo:
Home from hospital, recovering.
Thank you for your prayers!

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