Thursday, February 25, 2010

Amazing Sights of
Vancouver 2010
Tim played hooky from work today so we could take a family trip up to Vancouver to take in the sights & sounds of the Winter Olympics festivities.
First stop: The Olympic Cauldron/Flame
Quite an attraction, with a huge crowd and a long line for the prime viewing (& photographing) area.
We stayed in the cheap seats, and our friends from Sacred Heart (whom we ran into at the train station!) snapped this photo of the family.
As we were preparing to depart for next attraction, Tim spotted a lady with a badge bearing the title "Athlete" and we asked if we could take a photo with her.
She told us she is an ice dancer, and that she competed yesterday.  Her attendee told us she was a world champion 2 years ago.  Turns out that must have been right before a break for maternity leave!
A quick Internet search when we got home turned up some interesting and amusing facts about our French friend...
The medal for most unusual costume change goes to French ice dancer Isabelle Delobel, who mid-performance on Monday stripped away her black tube-top to reveal a light-colored bustier covered with rhinestones and sequins. The idea was to show her transformation from wanting to be a ballerina to becoming an Olympic skater, she said after the competition. "We tried to surprise the audience. It was nice because everybody clapped," she said. Some also gasped.
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More on our day trip to the winter Olympics soon....

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