Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Special Visit
Don't you love it when you get surprise visitors? 
When someone very special turns up at your door to greet you?
We were blessed by such a visit from my distant Scottish cousin, Peter, and his lovely wife, Julie.
I met them for the first time back in the late 80's (?) when they came to Seattle to re-establish contact with my grandma and our U.S. MacIntyre clan.  They brought their 2 kids (then pre-teenagers) Tim and Jenny, who now each have 2 kids!  On another surprise visit, they turned up at my Grandma & Grandpa's 50th wedding anniversary party.  Of course my grandparents were absolutely stunned and delighted to be honored with such a special visit from far-away relatives.
This trip, they shocked  my Aunt Sue and Uncle Mike by making secret arrangements to be at their daughter, Kati's house on Thanksgiving.  When Sue & Mike saw Peter and Julie, they just couldn't figure it out... "We know these people, and we know where we are... how did they get here?"  They joke that there's a hole in Kati's floor now from when their jaws hit it!
Peter and Julie make such a great effort to stay connected with us in the US, and their presence is like a burst of sunshine.  We heard about Peter's recent travels to Cuba, and about their upcoming trip to Morocco.
Peter sang for us at the dinner table, a real treat for the boys, especially, who know the MacIntyres are legendary for their vocal talent!
We love seeing photos of Peter dressed in his finest (kilt) for a black tie event.
All in all, having Peter and Julie visit (and bring a delicious pie!!)
is one of the greatest Christmas gifts we shall receive.
I think we should follow their lead and be the kind of relatives who go out of their way to stay connected in meaningful ways with even the most distant of family members...

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